Miniature hourglass (actually works!) DIY Tutorial

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Enjoy learning how to make a miniature hourglass or sandglass that actually works like the real classic ones to decorate your dollhouse, to play with dolls, to decorate a shelf, make a “mini” gift, just for fun… or because you love miniatures! 🙂 It`s really cute, classic and vintage! ^_^ ♡♡

(Ask an adult for help and supervision when making it.)

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♡ Tips:

– I use clear school glue.
– Important: Make sure the center hole is completely opened and has no school glue residues before pouring the art sand and put the top cover (in order to ensure that the sand will fall down properly).
– When using the school glue, let each piece is completely dry before the next step.

Hope you like and enjoy it! :-)) ♡