About Us

It all started with my love for animals and then when I grow up, I inhibited this passion to study about humans. My two loves – animals and people were mixed up so I decided to study and earned various skills, experiences and knowledge about psychology and animals.

Since I graduated from college back in 3 decades ago, I have started studying and investigating the complex relationships between human and other species. I have been interested in knowing the truth behind people’s choices and actions towards a particular real-world dilemma. And so I also spent my time studying, researching and talking to some animal activists, researches and even the circus animal trainers.

Through my years of research and knowledge gathering, I was able to produce more than hundreds of articles and book chapters. Mainly all of them are either about psychology, animals or both. After years on undying love for animal research and human connections, my works were published in certain journals and magazines around the country. It started in the early 1990’s when I was featured in The Royal Society, The American Journal, The Journal of Countryside Veterinary Medicine Group, Newsweek, America Today, The Los Angeles Tribune and many more.

Apart from writing, I am also a professor of Psychology and some short courses about Human and Animal studies in the West Lake University. There, I got opportunities to be invited in various Universities in Asia and Europe to be a speaker and share my knowledge in both fields. Just recently, I was invited in an Animal Awareness Convention in Tokyo, Japan as a speaker. I shared certain information on how to treat animals well and how they can help us cope psychologically.  My career as a writer and a Professor has brought me to different places both in papers and in main lands.

On the other hand, If I’m not in front of my laptop writing and researching or I am not in the University dealing with students’ life issues, I just spend a good afternoon tea at my home with my wife and our two dogs Jack and Jill.